• Bullet Francisco

    Being one of the more prominent users here on the Sonic News Network, I finally figured it was time to create an in-depth description of my character, interests, history, life, and values. Some of the highlights of this blog will include:

    • A more detailed autobiography of my Sonic News Network history from my perspective.
    • My stance as a Sonic the Hedgehog fan
    • My honest thoughts on the community.
    • My honest thoughts on certain individuals.
    • A step by step guide to your own personalized signature.
    • A detailed look into my personal life.
    • Information regarding my interests, hobbies, and ambitions.
    • 100 Trivia facts that you may not have known about me.
    • An "Ask me anything" section.
    • Ponies.

    ...and more.

    Let's begin.

    Below is an accurate account of some of the more…

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  • OriginalManofGod123

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  • The WWE is WWE


    June 4, 2012 by The WWE is WWE

    Hello. Im wwe is wwe, or just called StarGadget. I heard about this thing on snn called SCP*studios and i was thinking, why can i make one of my own? So i am creating something called SonicVision. SonicVision is a internet television joint that serves 24 hour programming and compete with SCP*studios with SCP*one, SCP*two and SCP*three. this will sure knock out scp big time.

    SonicVision has

    1. 24/7 programming
    2. Cooler new things
    3. Shows that is made by anyone
    4. And a new logo

    ScP*studios has

    1. 2 active members
    2. Very boring
    3. Plays the same things
    4. Corrupted
    6. No one watches it

    SC[P* will sure end, so come to SonicVision, the home to the fastest hedgehog in the planet!

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  • ShadowDragon135

    Spread The Word

    March 18, 2011 by ShadowDragon135

    Attention all users! Please advertise the wiki as much as possible. We need all the help we can get!

    This wiki has been around for less than half a year and really hasn't improved much. Come on people! Hop to it!

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